Science’s Methods for Discovering Extraterrestrial Life


People have made many wild assumptions regarding extraterrestrial life. Aliens are regarded as both helpful and murderous beings, and may take on a wide variety of forms.

In addition, astronomers are still looking at this theory. The most cutting-edge technology is used to increase the scope of their listening and seeing of the cosmos.

According to Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics astronomer Mercedes López-Morales, “life” includes microorganisms if you’re looking for aliens.

Chemical signals from even the tiniest bacteria on faraway exoplanets are strong enough to be picked up by sensitive observatories; these signals take the form of atmospheric gases that would be absent if life were not there.

According to López-Morales, a planet’s atmosphere changes when life is present. “Gases on a planet can only exist because they are always being replenished. If not, such gases will combine with others and vanish. There must be an explanation for how that gas or molecule got into the planet’s atmosphere. maintain its production, “Said López-Morales.

Oxygen, which is plentiful in Earth’s atmosphere because plants continually manufacture it via photosynthesis, is one of the atmospheric gases that astronomers hunt for on exoplanets.

López-Morales said that just though strange gases have been detected in the atmosphere, it does not prove that they were created by a live being.

Molecular sulfur, for instance, may be produced by an erupting volcano. In at least two or three different processes, oxygen can be created by exposing it to ultraviolet radiation from a star.

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