NASA is focusing “all hands on deck” on the study of UFOs


NASA has stressed that they are serious about their UFO research since announcing in June that they will launch such a study.

NASA’s Science Mission Directorate’s Daniel Evans stated on Wednesday that the agency is putting “maximum pressure” on the study’s preparations, as reported by According to, Daniel Evans has remarked, “It’s incredibly essential to us, and we devote great importance to it.”

That this is an aspiration is not lost on anybody. NASA will not only raise public awareness of UFOs, but also help the study of mysterious aircraft become a serious component of mainstream science.

One that, in Daniel Evans’s opinion, NASA is well-suited to handle. According to, UFO researcher Daniel Evans claims that NASA is the best agency to investigate UAP (unidentified aerial phenomenon; ed. UFOs) because “we know how to utilize the tools and data of science to figure out what’s happening on up there in the clouds.” And if I’m being really honest, no other government agency has the same level of public confidence as we have.

Additionally, NASA intends to use the research to both identify and classify existing UFO data and to create new methods for collecting UFO sightings in the future.

When it opens in the spring for its estimated nine-month term, the studio is expected to cost roughly $100,000 USD (around DKK 737,000).

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