40km from Iceland’s capital, a volcano explodes

lava volcan iceland

Iceland’s Meteorological Institute said a volcano erupted at midday on Wednesday. Live photos show magma rising on the Reykjanes peninsula. It is located in the southwest of the country and the capital, Reykiavik, is located there.

The eruption happened near Mount Fagradalsfjall, when a volcano erupted for six months in 2021. The fissural volcano that erupted does not have a high cone, but rather resembles a lengthy scar.

According to that media, the eruption is low-intensity and magma columns don’t reach 50 meters. A helicopter carrying experts has been deployed to the location, and residents have been urged to stay away. The Institute added “contamination might be identified owing to gas emissions” even though there is no ash column.

Mount Fagradalsfjall is in southern Iceland’s Krysuvik volcanic system. This nation boasts Europe’s most active volcanoes.

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