China leads offshore wind energy growth

china wind turbines

China has about 9,000 offshore wind turbines, followed by the EU. 74% of proposed offshore wind farms are in Chinese seas, says a new report. Europe leads in installed capacity. EU and UK wind turbines produce 26 gigawatts of the world’s 40 offshore gigawatts. Germany’s offshore parks are 7GW.

Wind power is a future energy pillar. Offshore wind projects should also tap into this potential. Since 1991, when Denmark erected the world’s first offshore wind farm, various nations have expanded their capacity. Germany’s German Bight offshore wind turbines provide 7 gigawatts of power. A recent analysis found that the high density might make growth to 50 to 70 gigawatts by 2050 problematic.

China, the EU, and Britain run the most offshore wind turbines. China has 3,200 of the almost 9,000 offshore wind turbines globally, or 37%. Behind with 35% and 3,000 turbines are EU wind farms. British seas are home to 27% of all offshore wind farms.

Few significant players dominate installed capacity, and Europe led until mid-2021: Britain has 10.7 gigawatts of the EU’s 15.2 gigawatts of offshore wind capacity. China’s wind farms produced 14.1 GW. 1.

China has surpassed the EU owing to tremendous wind energy growth. Other nations only have megawatt-scale offshore installations. The US has just 40 megawatts of offshore capacity, South Korea 97 megawatts, and Vietnam 197 megawatts.

No other nation has erected so many new wind turbines in recent years as China. China’s offshore wind turbines will more than double by 2021. 627 of 850 offshore wind projects under development in 2021 were in Chinese seas. Installed capacity grew 1,310%.

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