Many men live longer than women

Men often outlive women

Despite women’s longer life expectancy, men may outlive them. According to study, 25 to 50% of guys live longer than a random woman of their age. Variable based on country or life expectancy. Married, educated men are “survivors”

Many factors affect longevity. The theoretical maximum age is compared to our life expectancy. Gender impacts lifespans with genes, personal circumstances, and lifestyle. Women age-matched to men live longer. Women may have a second X chromosome.

The female survival advantage is anchored in genetics, environment, and behavior, say researchers in Odense.

Who outlives whom? Life expectancy is clear. “Men die sooner than women” is oversimplified, experts argue, since it overlooks variation. Men of the same age may live longer. Range dictates number.

Bergeron-Boucher and her colleagues have studied 199 countries since 1950. They studied two worldwide datasets on sex-specific lifespans. Also examined US marriage and schooling statistics. They linked male longevity to reasonable reasons.

Males of the same age live longer than predicted. Men live 25 to 50% longer than age-group women. Researchers claim 1 in 4 men outlive a random lady their age.

Overall, women have a longer life expectancy than minorities. Even in countries with a 10-year life expectancy discrepancy, 40% of men may outlast women, says Bergeron-Boucher.

Weird. Ratings include personal, cultural, and home country factors. Males have a higher mortality rate than females because of infancy and childhood deaths. Medical therapy impacts birth deaths.

Longevity depends on education and marriage. Less-educated or unmarried men have a low chance of surviving a woman, say researchers. College-educated males and married women live longer than illiterate, single women.

In poorer or middle-class countries, men are more likely to survive women than in industrialized ones. Male lifespan declined until the 1970s in Europe and other developed countries, then halted.

Experts attribute this to longer lifespans in wealthier countries, where men and women are less likely to die early from sickness, starvation, or accidents. Both curves overlap less. Men smoke, drink, and die in accidents more than women in industrialized nations.

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